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Newsletters — 2009 (none published during 2010)

Southern Colorado Space Museum & Learning Center

Newsletter #10

Year End Update for 2009—

Welcome and seasons greetings to all of our supporters.  Due to some personal health issues, we decided to skip the last newsletter, but all is well now and we’ll review the past year in the space museum effort.

We started off the year with a real nice front page article in the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper. The entire article can be seen on our website. In April we attended the 25th annual Space Symposium in Colorado Springs where we were able to meet with folks from NASA and a number of other aerospace companies from all over the country.

In 2009 we concentrated on various fundraising events. We were able to set up our Giant Rocket Bank in Westcliffe, Canon City and Pueblo. The Southern Colorado Rocketeer’s sponsored a benefit rocket launch where individuals and corporations were asked to pledge a penny per foot of altitude for the museums model rocket. Our rocket reached an altitude of 2259’ and we collected about $300 in pledges. Our annual yard sale brought in around $1000. Thanks to all who participated in any of our fundraisers.

To date, over 60 former and current astronauts have been kind enough to send us autographed photos for our ‘Wall of Fame’. The collection of space memorabilia and artifacts continues to grow, but we still lack a building to display everything in. During the first part of 2010 we will be looking into the possibility of obtaining a building for temporary use. That will give us the opportunity to set up various displays for the public to see, as well as school field trips and special community events.

Rocket LaunchWe have lift-off!

The museum’s own model rocket on its way to a 2259’ altitude. That was a lot of fun and we hope to do it again someday. It’s also a great way to get kids (of all ages) interested in space flight, model building, the science of aerodynamics etc. So find a rocket club in your area and get in on the excitement.

We want to put out a special thank you to the following donors for their help.

  • Giant Leap Rocketry of Colorado Springs for donating the rocket motor for our launch
  • The Southern Colorado Rocketeer’s for all of their expertise and launch support
  • Laura C of Lakewood, Co. for her continued support
  • Mr. Glen T. of Westcliffe CO
  • Mr. Lee S. of Canon City, CO
  • Mr. & Mrs. Eric F. of Westcliffe, CO
  • Ken M. of Washington DC
  • Mr.& Mrs. Steve K. of Edwards, CO
  • William L. and James S. of Phoenix, AZ
  • Eagles Summit Ranch in Westcliffe, CO

We really couldn’t continue this effort without the kind of help and support that they give us. We are always looking for memorabilia, financial support and items for the annual yard sale so drop us a note if you’re able to help out in any way.

We are happy to introduce Charlie Mociak as our new Treasurer. Charlie joined our Board of Directors in October of this year. His photo and bio can be seen on the Contact page. This newsletter is posted on the website along with past newsletters.

We want to wish everyone a very safe and prosperous 2010. If you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, simply send an e-mail to museumcurator@hotmail.com with ‘remove from list’ in the subject line.

Newsletter #9

Since our last newsletter came out, the museum board has been focusing on fundraising efforts. The local bowling alley allowed us to set up our Giant Rocket Bank (you can see a photo of it on our website) for two weeks. We held our second annual Benefit Yard Sale and brought in almost $1,000. We have already started collecting quality items to sell at the next yard sale. We were also given permission from a local Wal-Mart to set up the Giant Rocket Bank and a rocket display to help raise funds and promote our next fundraiser.

On July 18, the Southern Colorado Rocketeers rocket club will be holding a rocket launch event to help commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Apollo11 moon landing. We have been receiving pledges of a penny per foot for a rocket that they will be launching for the museum. We expect the rocket to reach somewhere around 3,000 ft. of altitude. Anyone is welcome to witness the launch; it will be a day full of all kinds of rocket launches. For more information feel free to send us an e-mail at museumcurator@hotmail.com. And of course we could always use a few more pledges at a penny per foot. We will have final information in the next newsletter to let everyone know how the launch went. We hope to have some good photos of the event and maybe even a video of the launch itself.

We would like to thank all of the great people that have dropped money in the Giant Rocket Bank, donated or bought items at the yard sale, or made a pledge to our Penny per Foot launch. We realize that the economy is being incredibly rough on a lot of folks right now so all of the help we’ve received lately is especially appreciated.

The Rocket Club also put together a field trip to the Chemical Weapons Depot just outside of Pueblo CO. and we were able to tour their facility, including the Rocket Park. We hope to be able to acquire some artifacts from them to display in the space museum.

The effort to locate the proper building to house the museum is still our biggest hurdle. We are always open to any suggestions or leads anyone may have on a vacant building that may suit our needs. The biggest problem is finding someone that has a building that we could use in return for a tax write off. But we are confident that the right opportunity will present itself at the right time. So, while we wait for that to happen, we will continue our fundraising efforts and keep adding to the collection of space memorabilia.

A formal Thank You goes out to the following people that have helped out with our cause since the last newsletter:

  • Cliff Lanes Bowling Alley, Westcliffe, CO
  • Southern Colorado Rocketeers
  • Super Wal-Mart, Canon City, CO
  • Swota Enterprises, Canon City, CO
  • CLH Construction, Canon City, CO
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jim R. Canon City, CO
  • Mr. Robert C. Canon City, CO
  • Mr. & Mrs. Leland J. St. Louis, MO
  • Mr. & Mrs. Glen T. Westcliffe, CO
  • Mr. Kelly C. Canon City, CO
  • Mr. & Mrs. Kevin C. Canon City, CO
  • Mr. Dale C. Westcliffe, CO
  • John A. Westcliffe, CO
  • Shirley L. Dundee, IL
  • Stephanie E. Westcliffe, CO
  • Mr. Don B. Canon City, CO

Without the support and generosity of people like these, we couldn’t continue this incredible effort.

As always, if you do not wish to receive these Museum Newsletters any more, simply send an e-mail to museumcurator@hotmail.com with remove in the subject line and you name will be removed immediately. The next update will come out around the end of September, 2009. Until then, keep looking up!

Newsletter #8

The first quarter of 2009 is already over and here’s what’s been happening as far as the space museum effort is concerned.

We formed a relationship with the Southern Colorado Rocketeers’ in January. We will be working with them to set up a permanent display in the museum to show the hobby of model rocketry. They have generously offered to put on a benefit rocket launch on Sat. July 18th. This will be called ‘A Penny per Foot’ launch where we will be asking individuals and corporations to sponsor a penny (or more) per foot of altitude. Proceeds from the event will benefit the museum effort. If you or your company might be interested in sponsoring a rocket, please send an e-mail to <museumcurator@hotmail.com> and we will send you all of the necessary information.

Also in January, Chris Woodka of the Pueblo Chieftain ran a front page article on our efforts to open the museum. A huge thank you to Chris for that! The full article can be seen here. Because of his write-up we made quite a few contacts throughout the area. BF Goodrich invited us to tour their factory in Pueblo. BFG manufactured the brakes for the Space Shuttle. Dave Roever of Roever Learning & Resource Center at Eagles Summit Ranch offered to put me through their public speaking course at no charge to the museum. It was 2 weeks of intense training that will no doubt help out a lot when it comes time to speak to the public about the museum.

At the end of March, three of us attended the 25th annual National Space Symposium at the Broadmore in Colorado Springs. While there we met up with about 25 various aerospace companies that have offered to help us out once we get going. We also had the pleasure and honor of meeting with a few astronauts, scientists and engineers. It’s always one of the highlights of the year.

Our biggest hurdle is still finding the right building to house the museum. We follow up on every lead so if you know of an empty building with 30,000 sq. ft. or more, please pass the info on to us and we’ll check it out.

NASA has announced that they will be distributing about 1.4 million Space Shuttle artifacts once they decommission the Shuttles in 2010. We certainly hope to be on the receiving end of that.

Our Giant Rocket Bank will be on display at the bowling alley in Westcliffe from May 1st thru 11th to help raise some funds. We also plan on setting it up at various Wal-Marts throughout the summer. Photos of the bank can be seen on our website.

We will be holding our second benefit yard sale on June 12th – 14th. Last year’s sale brought in about $1,200 and we hope to do that well or better this year. If you are local and have any items you would like to donate, send us an e-mail and we will arrange to pick them up. And remember, all items donated are tax deductible.

We would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their help and/or contributions during this first quarter.

  • Chris Woodka and the Pueblo Chieftain
  • Dave Roever and Eagles Summit Ranch
  • Modesto Martinez and BF Goodrich
  • Jason Unwin and the Southern Colorado Rocketeers
  • Mr. & Mrs. Matt R of Westcliffe
  • Mr. & Mrs. John R of Canon City
  • Mr. & Mrs. Eric F of Westcliffe
  • Janet B of Pueblo West
  • V. Snyder of Oklahoma City OK.
  • Mr. Mark O of Colorado Springs
  • Mr. Steven H of Illinois

Despite the fact that the nation’s economy is so poor, we continue to push on with our effort as best we can, knowing that it is a good cause and will be a big benefit to the community. We thank everyone for your continued support, whether it is for services or goods or financial help, we appreciate it all. We’ll be in touch again as the second quarter of 2009 comes to an end.

     Steve Janssen  <museumcurator@hotmail.com>


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