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Mission & History

The mission of the Southern Colorado Space Museum and Learning Center is to preserve the history and promote the future of the space program, inspiring and igniting the imaginations of young and old alike.

This space museum has been a long time in the making. I first got interested in the space program when I was about 5 years old. The very first thing I collected was a Project Mercury 4 cent postage stamp. And over the years I started collecting just about anything that was related to space exploration. My interest in astronomy was just a natural thing to add to my love of space. I am now active with the Space Foundation and their annual Space Symposium held every year in Colorado Springs. I have frequent contact with astronauts and other space museum curators. This is a huge undertaking and will take an enormous amount of work. But the end result will be worth all of the red tape and headaches that go along with it. But I hope you'll join me on this adventure — Steve Janssen.

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