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Help Us

Make a tax-deductable donation using PayPal:

Make use of our special PayPal link to make a secure donation to the Museum:


Special Opportunity in 2011 to Magnify Your Donation

The Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the 2011 Spirit Campaign. The Spirit Campaign is a program of matching gifts awarded by the Community Foundation based on individual donations to non-profit organizations (including Dark Skies) in Custer County. Founded in 2004, the Spirit Campaign has generated over $400,000 in private donations and matching funds provided by the Community Foundation. The Spirit Campaign allows individuals to focus their donations on non-profits of their choosing while knowing a matching gift will be awarded by the Community Foundation.

Donors wishing to take advantage of matching funds for their favorite local organizations should make use the donor form available by clicking here that has the Space Museum already filed in or on the Community Foundation web site at <www.wmvcf.org>in a downloadable .pdf file format.

Checks should be made out to the Wet Mountain Valley Community Foundation, not the non-profit organization and the amount gifted should be noted on the donor form. All checks MUST be received no later than December 31 to receive matching gifts from the Community Foundation. Any checks received after December 31 will be accepted and credited to the non-profit organization, but no matching gift will be applied.

The maximum amount that will be matched is $500 per family and/or business. If the Foundation receives total contributions of more than $30,000 or less, the private donations will be matched dollar-to-dollar. If the total exceeds $30,000, then the matching portion will be pro-rated. Donations may also be made directly to the Community Foundation Spirit Campaign to increase the matching fund and further stretch the community’s charitable dollars. Donations to churches through the Spirit Campaign are not allowed under IRS regulations.

Visit our fundraising partner website:

Here's another way you can help support the Southern Colorado Space Museum & Learning Center, visit our fundraising website and check out all the great promotions that will help you save money on all kinds of products and services. Like free business cards from Vista Prints. Or deals from other companies like Blockbuster, Total Access, Sirius Satellite and more. Plus a special section from As Seen On TV!

These companies will donate to the museum every time someone tries their product or service. As much as $30 per offer! There's no obligation to purchase anything. But if you see something you like, simply try the offer. Thank you for helping us reach our fundraising goals. 

The museum is in need of the following items:

  • An adult size male mannequin
  • Display cases of all sizes and shapes
  • Picture and poster frames
  • Any type of space related artifact for loan or donation, (examples would be items such as
         old newspaper headlines, toys, photos, models, souveniers and books or magazines).
  • Office supplies (you name it, we need it)
  • Storage unit (to store all of these things in)
  • Quality items to sell at the next yard sale

We also need volunteer help with fundraising. Please contact us if you think you may have something to contribute.